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Gray And Silver

I see a thread of silver

Hanging from this gloomy cloud

And maybe if I pull it

It will lift this heavy shroud.

I’ve heard there is a lining

Inside these types of clouds

Silver like this thread I see

But still I have my doubts.

All I see is grayish

In this nimbus overhead

Threatening rain, or worse, a storm

My hope soon drenched with dread.

But what if this silver lining

Is the softer side of clouds?

The inside out of pain and grief

The answer to the doubt?

I only see the silver thread

But what if there is more?

Could the thread lead to a fabric

That I’ve never seen before?

Gray and silver mingling

On the color chart of life

The ugly turns to lovely

The darkness turns to light.

And if I gaze intently

At the gray in clouds above

Will I see the hint of silver

A glimpse of Jesus’ love?

Gray and silver are not  opposites

So can they  work together

To show my heart the heavens

And how to see them better?

If I look closely toward the sky

And tug on that little thread

Maybe all I’ll see in place of gray

Is the shiny side instead…




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