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And once again, in my little faux leather chair, I sit amazed.  I just met Chuck.  Chuck Bellavia to be exact.  Which, he told me, means “beautiful life”.  And after talking with him, I believe he lives up to his name.

He is very involved in the Catholic church and is a retired CEO.  He is a man who loves stories and the power of them to impact people and grab their imaginations with possibility.  He comes to Tully’s every Monday morning to evaluate and assess his stock options and to intentionally put his money in the most promising places.

He asked if I was here for business or pleasure.  I told him it was both.  That I was writing a book and working on my manuscript.  This sparked his curiosity and he asked the book’s topic.  I told him it was about forgiveness, restoration and hope.  He seemed to like that and we went on to talk about Jesus’ technique of sharing spiritual truths through stories, something both he and I have taken to heart and practice.  He went on to tell me how he used the same principle in sales.  Illustrating principles with tales that capture the client’s imagination and help them to see that anything is possible!

I really do like this new “office” setting.  I meet new people every day.  Interesting people.  People who are INTERESTED.  People who want to hear more about this thing called forgiveness and healing and hope.  Quite possibly, they will become my first readers when this project is finished.  They are nothing short of inspiring and encouraging.  They are quickly becoming my muse as I write.  To remind me why I am doing what I’m doing.  Not to just finish a project.  Not just to try my hand at publishing another book.  But to see firsthand and respond to the need of the entire human race for restoration.  For hope and healing.

As I pack up my computer, I’m thankful that my words today were not just on a computer screen, but with another person.  That my fingers weren’t just used for typing, but for greeting a new friend with a handshake.  And that my mouth was used for something other than just sipping my large coffee. It got to smile and chat.  And instead of just hearing the white noise of voices, my ears got the chance to hear the story of another.

This was another good day… 🙂 And a good reminder that this IS Bellavia – a beautiful life…


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