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Just Another Day

Yesterday was a strange little day in the coffee shop.  Lots of men.  Lots of strange men.  Or at least strange conversations with men.

The man to one side of me told me he is taking Tai Chi and gave me a little demonstration.  He then shared with me how it came in handy a few days ago when he was in another coffee shop and a disgruntled customer ahead of him took a swing at him after this man told him to calm down.  The angry man missed because, apparently, Tai Chi came into play.  To me it just sounded like he turned sideways as even I would do to avoid being hit.  But I guess in Tai Chi we call that reducing the target.  Good to know.

To the other side of me was a man who had been randomly giggling to himself throughout the morning.  I helped him plug in his computer, a task he couldn’t stop thanking me for.  A few minutes later he wondered if he could ask me a question.  I said, “sure”, not really able to tell if he was looking at me through the sunglasses he’d been wearing inside for hours.  He informed me that English was not his first, but FIFTH, language.  Needless to say, this was impressive, especially since he had no trace of an accent.  His question?  “Is the phrase ‘two-headed Godzilla’ funny?”  I asked him for a little context.  He had none other than to tell me it was going to be used in a political sense.  “Is it funny?” he asked again.

“Do you mean funny, like ha ha, or funny ironic or satirical?”  I asked, hoping to get a glimpse into the answer he was looking for.  “Is it funny?”  he said for the third time.  I didn’t find it humorous in the least, so needless to say, in an effort to save his pride I stretched the truth beyond its ethical bounds.  “Ummmm, yes it’s funny in a poignant word picture type way.”  That should do it, I thought.  “So it’s funny?” he asked.  Sigh…

Today is a new day.  A day when, for various reasons, my heart feels a little deflated and defeated.  But it is a NEW day.  A day to meet new people, to receive new insights from Jesus, a day to write it all out.  This place, this little coffee shop with my favorite faux leather corner chair, has not only blessed me with strange and wonderful new characters that have joined my world, but is serving as a true haven.  Healing from the inside out.  Exploration from the outside in.  Questions asked and answers given or at least peace in not knowing the answers for now.

What will God do today?  How will He minister to my heart so that I can minister to the hearts of others?  I’m not sure.  But I know He will.  Because He does without fail.  And so I will wait and trust and watch and see.

And I’ll let you know happens…:-)


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