I’ll Drink (coffee) To That!

I brought in treats for my coffee shop grandpas today.  The group of about 10 that graces Tully’s every Wednesday.  They were thrilled, of course, so I went back to my corner chair to let them enjoy their applesauce cake.  A little while later, one of the ringleaders, Chris, came over to me.  “Come over and tell all the guys what you’re doing here every day,” he said.

So I joined their little clan and told them I was working on both my blog and another book.  I didn’t give them all of the details, but told them it was about forgiveness and restoration.  Surprisingly, they got really excited and asked me if they could occasionally come over to my corner to tell me each of their stories.  I said, “Of course!”  One man followed me back to my seat and said, “Can I tell you my story?”  and then shared what he was learning about forgiveness.  A retired high school principal, still learning.  I love that!

Which is, of course, once again the reason that I am setting up shop here at Tully’s and not in a lonely corner at home.  People.  Interaction.  Conversations.  Stories.  To maintain the possibility of one-on-one opportunities.  Encounters that have the potential for eternal significance.  So that my days don’t become “just another day”, but “just another IMPORTANT day.”

Yesterday brought meaningful conversations with friends new and old and the renewed sense that God is, indeed, up to something.

And I’ll drink (coffee) to that!


4 thoughts on “I’ll Drink (coffee) To That!

  1. Jana, you’ve inspired me to do the same, though not the write-a-book/blog thing! I love making conversation with folks who are otherwise unnoticed. Initially it is a place I’d go to get out of the house, but now it’s a place to look for opps! HUGS!

    • It’s fun to go in with a blank slate, no expectations or agendas, and just see what God orchestrates. In the past three weeks, it has been a brand new and different person/conversation/situation every time. Makes every day a type of mystery and treasure hunt! I’d love to hear the stories that come your way through YOUR adventure in the coffee shop! Hugs right back to you. xoxoxo

  2. So excited to see exactly what God is up to with you at Tullys! Today is my day at Rotary to see what our Lord is going to do through me. PRAY!
    Love you,

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