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To My Favorite Teacher

We all had our favorite teachers growing up.  The first adults in our lives who weren’t relatives that impacted how we saw the world, how we viewed learning, how we saw ourselves.  Those priceless people sparked something in us that caused us to be a little more curious, a little more motivated and a little more prepared for the world that awaited us.

First grade, fourth grade, sixth grade and spatterings through high school come to mind when I think of these kinds of teachers.

But today is the birthday of my very favorite teacher of all.  A woman who throws herself into the projects that will take her students learning to a whole new level of understanding and practical meaning.  The teacher who looks past the obvious behavior of a student to find what is going on in the heart of that student.  Who finds the hobbies and passions of her students and taps into those interests through conversations and questions about their little worlds.  The educator who, I know, prays for her students and for wisdom in how to reach each of them as individuals and unique learners.

A teacher who has given these fourth graders her time, energy and committed heart.

Today is my precious Brittany’s birthday.  If we lived closer I would be working in her classroom once a week, watching her perform her magic with her blessed students.   And, as always, I would thank Jesus for gracing my life with this beautiful, young and amazing woman.

Happy, happy birthday, Britt Britt.  I love you so so so much and couldn’t be more proud of you if I tried.  Thank you for all that you do for these kids who will be impacted for the rest of their lives.  Thank you for impacting MY life every single day…xoxoxoxoxo




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