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Sacred Interruptions

I started this week with a case of “flatsies”.  You know, that flat feeling that comes after being impassioned about something.  The hard work and intense mental and spiritual stimulation and wrestling can rub away some of that excitement through sheer exhaustion.

But yesterday, I trudged down to Tully’s, computer bag in hand to just show up to where I was supposed to be.  ONLY because I knew that was where I was supposed to be.  And somehow, words flowed from heart to brain to fingers with the inspiration of no one by God Himself.  He met me in that chair at Tully’s and didn’t seem to mind that I was plagued with a bad case of the blah’s.  He went ahead and worked in spite of me.

By today, the excitement had returned with a vengeance and I couldn’t wait to see what God would do next.

No sooner had I finished my post on Pandora’s Box this morning, than I heard a voice entering the store say, “There she is!”

You show up almost every day for enough weeks in a row and people begin to recognize and watch for you at the local coffee shop. 🙂

The voice came from a person (who shall remain nameless) whom I had said hi to in passing yesterday.  He introduced himself and asked the question that every new friend at Tully’s has been asking:  “What are you doing here every day?”  The explanation (as per normal now) included that I’m working on a writing project about forgiveness, restoration and healing.  To which there was a deep sigh and the comment, “Oh, I need this book!”

A deep pouring out of this person’s heart ensued.  A great conversation that reminded me once again why I am doing what I’m doing and why I’m doing it WHERE I’m doing it.  Divine appointments such as this.  Where questions about faith and life and the love of God can be asked without embarrassment or shame or judgment.  Where tears are as okay as laughter and where acceptance is a given.

When it was time for me to go and meet a friend for lunch, he asked if these types of occurrences frustrated me, these lengthy dialogues, keeping me from my writing and the task at hand.  I told him absolutely not.  My sessions at Tully’s begin and end with no expectations of what should or shouldn’t happen on any given day.  Some days I am supposed to write and ordained quietness graces the area around my chair.  But other days, glorious days like today, God has something even sweeter in mind.  Sacred points of connection.  Where conversations reiterate the truths we already know – that every living being longs to be heard, understood and accepted fully.  Unconditionally.  And whether or not that person who is sharing their story with me knows it yet or not, that longing is only ultimately fulfilled by Jesus Himself.  And if we’re lucky, we get to be the ones who put on His skin for that day and love and listen as He would.



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