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1794534_10200747397327004_1500234242_n 999440_10200747402407131_943214808_nOh, they’re cute and fuzzy and little, but don’t their appearance fool you.

This little guy….I heard him laughing this morning.  You think I’m imagining things?  You didn’t hear the mockery in his itty bitty throat as he chuckled sarcastically in the direction of my two pups.  They so desperately want to be friends with him.  You know, chase him around the yard, bat him around a little.  Nibble on his ears and share a couple of cat jokes.

But he just laughs.  High on his perch.  Out of reach.  Cocky.  Taunting.  Driving Lilly and Lizzy crazy.  As if he’s better than them.  Smarter.

Squirrel laughs.  They’re not nice.

I hope it never happens to you.  Or your dogs.  But if it does, at least you were warned…


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