Good Kind Of Tired

10285464_10201122773191166_6907826448366911450_oJust got home after a wonderfully long weekend in Vancouver, WA with my dear friend Shelly.

The purpose of the trip was twofold – to attend a charity event with her (her husband was out of town) and to put on a bridal shower for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Andrea.

Both events were great on many levels.  A chance to reconnect with old friends, an opportunity to support an awesome cause, and a time to celebrate and love on the sweet addition to the Johnson family.

There’s something about an emotionally charged, extremely busy, this-is-really-important type weekend that leaves you blissfully exhausted and wearily content.  Joining forces with one of my dearest friends and enjoying both her hilarious company and watching the way God uses her in the lives of others this weekend was a heartwarming experience. Not any type of surprise, of course, but beautiful in a fresh, new way.

We shared our hearts with each other and with others around us the past few days which results in an intense amount of energy followed by a somehow glorious fatigue.  And for that I am so very thankful.  Thanks, Shelly, for a wonderful weekend. 🙂

And now I am back in my beloved town of Pleasanton, whooped but ready for what God has in the coming days and weeks ahead.  Some of it I am planning on and some of it I hope surprises me with new “God moments” of connection and situational learning opportunities.  New textures and flavors of experiences and people that cross my path.  Each one something to savor as a treat from the hand of God Himself.

Here’s to a new week and all its adventures!



2 thoughts on “Good Kind Of Tired

  1. So good to visit with you, sweet friend! God’s fingerprints were all over this weekend. Good to be together again. Hugs to you all and to the San Ramon Valley 🙂

    • So good to be with you, too, friend! Thanks for our special one on one time together. Love you much!!!! xoxoxo God is up to amazing stuff!!!

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