Beyond The Front Porch

“The Front Porch” sale that we held over the weekend was a HUGE success!  If you weren’t able to make it this time, don’t worry.  We’ll be doing this on a semi-regular basis. (Thank you, Lori, for sharing your beautiful wrap-around porch with our little corner of the world!)

When we (my friends Lori and Laurie and I) came up with this idea we were thinking in terms of showcasing and selling our “finds” and creative projects.  A “boutique” idea without the overhead of a store front.

We love spending time together, so the time and energy spent on putting it together was reason enough to make this happen.

But what we got in return was something far beyond what we had anticipated…

The money we made was admittedly nice, but no comparison to the people we met as a result.

I guess there’s something about a front porch that puts people at ease, that makes them feel safe and takes them back to a time  when neighbors called to passersby.  When friends sat on a porch and shared a beer or a lemonade or coffee.  That place where a lazy swing moves freely with the breeze and the conversation moves just as freely.  Where visions of bare feet  and the sweet smells and sounds of summer reside.  Where ideas breed and dreams are born.  A symbol of openness and a welcome embrace for the heart and soul.

Strangers became quick friends, sharing their stories.  Phone numbers were exchanged.  Other artisans who visited offered their services and works of art, to become a part of something that seems as if it could soon be a community endeavor. Bigger and further reaching than we even imagined.  Bringing people in to help love shine out!

A full circle has happened since we moved here a year ago.  I met Lori and Laurie for the first time at the garage sale I had when we first moved in.  Those friendships have blossomed and gone deep and have become such an integral part of my life.  Now, we are doing this together and new budding friendships with others are beginning again.  And that just makes me smile from my deepest insides out. 🙂

We’ll see what God has in store for The Front Porch.  But He did something magical this weekend by bringing people together who wouldn’t have met otherwise. The seeds of possibility and promise being planted and creative hearts and minds being stirred.  Friends joining hands to extend open arms to bring others in.

And that, in itself, is enough…:-)



4 thoughts on “Beyond The Front Porch

  1. love it

    Please note: message attached

    • Aunt Marcia, I wish our front porches lived closer to each other! Can you imagine all the fun we’d have creating together???? Love you!

  2. Hello my friend! Sure nice to hear that the Lord is so integrating and ingratiating you into your new life! But it can’t go without saying that your friends in Parker Co miss you terribly!
    I know that God works ALL things out for those of us that Love Him and are Called according to HIS purposes…I AM TRUSTING THAT!!
    Would love to catch up sometime soon…thank you for sharing your heart with your blog. It is a blessing to many!

    • I miss you, too, dear friend! I will be in Parker for CK’s customer appreciation party in June! I am helping with a special surprise for the event! Trying to get together an appetizer night so that I can see as many people as possible in such a short amount of time! So let’s absolutely plan on seeing each other!!!! I love you, friend, and can’t wait until you, Marybeth and I do another girl’s weekend! (soon, please :-))

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