What: A celebration of our friend Leslie accepting Jesus’ invitation to LIFE!

Where:  Right where you are, the same place you prayed for this.

Who:  Every person who’s been praying for Leslie and those who are just now finding out about the party.


Why: Because we have a new sister in the family and we can’t help but dance and sing!

Music:  The Song Of The Redeemed (Revelation 5:9)

Dancing:  The Happy Dance, of course!

Food:  Bread of Life

Party starts now and ends….NEVER!

RSVP:  A response of thankfulness to God and His miraculous ways that so far exceed any expectation.

After Party:  To love on, encourage, and celebrate with our guest of honor, Leslie.

(Deepest thanks to all of you who became part of today through prayer and words of affirmation and encouragement toward Ruth and me in preparation for today.  I will write more in the hours ahead as I process the beauty of what has just happened, but didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer!!!!!)

And since you couldn’t be here, we took a couple pictures so you can put the face with the name:

10364080_10201249516599672_1062738500832503770_n 10348885_10201249506959431_1716756136372217764_o

Leslie, Ruth and Lizzy,  who wouldn’t miss this party for the world!!!!


6 thoughts on “It’s PARTY TIME!!!!

  1. Have been following this with prayer ever since your “Does he Know Me?” post. Today I weep with joy and awe at the way God orchestrated all the parts in this beautiful symphony. I’m grateful for the way your heart listens to the conductor and follows his baton. I’m drawn closer to Him with every post!

    • Thank you Sandi! I don’t know if we’ve met, but I thank you for being part of the process of prayer and preparation for this day. So many joining from all over the world to pray toward this miracle. Humbled is not a good enough word…Thank you. 🙂

  2. I can only say PRAISE GOD! for his Love and Faithfulness!! And for Jana and Ruth in listening and obeying so that Leslie can come to this time of great Joy!

    • Carol, thank you so much for your partnership in praying and supporting us every step of the way in this beautiful process. I have been recounting this story out loud with others all afternoon and still cannot quite find the words to truly write about this in a way that will do it any kind of justice at all…xoxoxo

  3. What an awesome blessing to know we have a new sister in Christ ! Welcome Leslie ! We will keep praying for you.

    Knowing that the enemy often attacks a person hard just after accepting Jesus…. I am attaching a great tool for discipleship called “The Y Chart” from “The Biblical Counseling Foundation” (Their discipleship manual called Self-Confrontation is Amazing and has changed my life!)

    The Y chart is self explanatory Jana….. so as you look at it start with the center of the chart called “the point of decision” we make hundreds of decisions in a day ( how we think, what we say and do etc) That point of decision is made by what is in the heart and if our decision is “Principle Oriented” which is Gods way and according to His word…. you will see that a persons actions bear fruit (upper left) because the Rood issues in the heart are centered in Gods way according to His word. If a decision is based on feelings and self (the worlds way…. and the way that satan wants us to make decisions) then there is fruit that comes from feeling oriented or “Self” root issues (right side of chart)

    Just 2 choices on the shelf, pleasing God or pleasing self !

    I pray that this discipleship tool is helpful to you !

    Love in Jesus,

    Jan Hearn Phoenix, Arizona

    PS ! I lOVE your blog 🙂 Let me know that you are able to open this and what you think of it. I took mine to Kinko’s and made card stock double sided laminated copies because I plan to use them a lot ! I also made extra paper copies to give to others.

    > >

  4. Happy Birthday Leslie! Rejoicing with you dear sisters! 🙂

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