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Father’s Day Salute

*Disclaimer:  I didn’t get in to the airport until 2:00 this morning and didn’t crawl into my bed until about 3:30.  Therefore, this post will be short and sweet.  Or at least short…

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in my life who are men of great strength, integrity and courage.  Who have loved their children with full abandon and have lived out what sacrificial, unconditional love looks like.  Who, just through their example, have given their children a taste of the love of the Father, Himself.  I am thankful.  I am humbled.  I am beyond blessed to be a witness to something so beautiful on a daily basis.

Thank you to my precious husband, Mark.  Your deep love and sweet devotion to our kids enriches my life every day.  Your commitment to being involved in their lives and with their hearts, despite time and space, thrills me.  You are an amazing dad and I can only hope to show you my gratitude for that every single day.

Thank you to my dad, who gave me my first firsthand view of a godly man.  Who raised me with love and truth so profound that it could not help but mold and shape me into what I am today.  Your example runs through my veins, my mind, my soul.  Thank you for being Jesus to me before I even knew who He was.

And thank you to my father-in-law, who has been the most delicious icing on my already decadent cake.  You love me like your own and have provided yet another source of unconditional and unrelenting love.  Fierce and tender.  Just like Jesus.

Thank you to all of you  I know and those of you I don’t who have devoted your life to the most important of roles – the role of father.  To do it, and do it well, is rare, honorable and worthy of recognition.

I salute you all today.  Know that you  will make an impact on this world by what you are doing in your very own home.  And that is nothing short of extraordinary….

(So much for a short post.   More on the craziness of the weekend and adventure in coming home later… Time for a nap.)




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