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Whirlwind Weekend

There is no way to capture all that this past weekend meant to me or how much fun was had. But a few words come to mind… Gratitude Friendship Reunion Joy I got the sweet opportunity to go to Parker, Colorado and help with a “changing of the guard” party.  The store that I used to stage for, Cotton Kloset, has just shifted ownership from my friend Sandy to my friend Tracy.  In between running around to get food and decor for the celebration, I also had the sheer joy of seeing friends, neighbors, and my son, Blake, who is staying in Fort Collins this summer to work. (Such a sweet bonus to this trip for this mama’s heart!) Colorado was beautiful, as always, and greeted me each morning with towering pines and still-green grass (we are experiencing a severe drought here in California and our grass is quickly turning “golden” due to water restrictions.) 🙂 Friends were even more lovely inside and out than ever before. 🙂 Blake, in every way, has only become even more amazing.  🙂 And though it was a whirlwind long weekend, the mood was relaxed, the fellowship was sweet and the event itself a pure treat. Here are few pictures (I didn’t get enough with friends and none with Blake….grrrrrr…..): 10459009_10201341813547038_794770965517136343_o 10452976_10201330034132560_8905216536280987579_o 10348649_10201330505024332_1484683511406599050_o 10333745_10201330043212787_8324325778404272277_o 10295528_10201330018372166_4529226024595191032_o 10258201_10201326130234965_7942355786336206844_o 1979701_10201325686463871_4374643203568092896_n 1962454_10201341793066526_259067575991863411_oThank you, Tracy and Sandy, for letting me come back to be part of the celebration.  So very proud of both of you and the new adventures that await you both, both at Cotton Kloset and beyond.  Thanks to all who helped to make this such a memorable weekend in so many different ways!  Love you all!


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