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Drowsy Drivel

Words, thoughts, ideas, memories, passions all floating, bumping, exploding in my mind all night as I lay on my never-felt-better bed last night.

But there is little to no way that these processing words can work their way past the exhaustion of my foggy mind or the fullness of my pondering heart. There would be nothing to read but a garbled mess of randomness that hasn’t fully developed its “ready to go out” skin of organized thought.

And I’m thankful for the wise words of my friend, Julie, a lover of travel, new cultures and people, and the wisdom gleaned from these new experiences.  She referred to this process as “re-entry” and couldn’t have been more accurate.  A reverse “culture shock” to the system.  Her words – “take it slow”.  Thank you 🙂

There is more than severe jet lag happening in this weary body and mind this morning.  Budding thoughts of change and “what next?” and where to take all that I’ve seen, heard and experienced and extend its impact to this world right here.

So forgive me if I’m a little groggy these next couple of days, quiet and in my shell of processing.  This exhaustion and its accompanying blurry mind will pass.  And it’s all a sweet part of the process of savoring what has happened and not missing a thing.  Of “taking it slow” and not rushing it.

Heartfelt hugs to all of you who shared the journey through your encouragement and prayer.  These delicious thoughts and memories absolutely include you and your part in this amazing time.  Know that you are loved and forever treasured for coming along for the ride and for allowing God to impact your hearts right along with ours.

Plus, my heart gets the joy of taking in stories from Abby’s week as a counselor at high school camp this past week and to hear the miraculous things that God did here, while we were away.  More to process and ponder and be incredibly thankful for!

Big sleepy hugs,




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