One Piece

Here I am back, my own side of the world

The land of the free, our proud flags unfurled.

Back to the place where familiar feels safe

Where routine is the rule so my comfort won’t chafe.

I fall into a bed with my own unique dent

When I’ve come home so weary, all capacities spent.

My closet is full, and so is my gut

Too much to consume, so much to be cut.

My car still awaits in the driveway for me

My carriage for “places to go, people to see”.

I should feel content upon coming back home

Comfort and ease, as I sit, as I roam.

But I cannot shake this ache in my soul

This lump in my throat, in my stomach a hole.

Somehow unfamiliar felt natural to me

With its rawness and roughness and simplicity.

Little was all that was needed each day

But smiles were big as we went on our way.

I came back to a place where my language is known

But there, with no words, they made me feel home.

One piece of my heart lies over the sea

No wonder my chest is now killing me…







3 thoughts on “One Piece

  1. Jana,

    Such a beautiful poem!  Heartfelt and raw.  An all consuming adventure, surpassing all expectations, changing you forever in ways you’d never expected. 

    Life is never dull – always an adventure… With love, Lori  


    • Love you, friend. So look forward to our walks and talks…I will text you to see what your schedule looks like this week. Love you to the moon and back and have missed you much!

  2. I “hear” you loud and clear, Jana.

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