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Who Knew????

Who knew????

Who knew on August 17, 1985, that the little bundle of joy that made her way into this world would change my life forever?

Who knew that for the first time a beautiful little 7 lb. package would show a young woman what unconditional, unrelenting, unstoppable love looked like?

Who knew that from that day foreword she would pave the way for three other siblings that would join her in the coming years?

Who knew that this little girl would be what would make two inexperienced people figure out what parenthood was all about?

Who knew that this tiny little thing would wind up showing and teaching us every bit as much as we would be able to show and teach her?

Who knew that every day since then we would love her more?

Who knew that two humble souls would stand today amazed and proud as we see the beautiful, capable, servant hearted, Jesus-loving woman that tiny little infant became?

Who knew????

God knew.

So, Janay Rochelle, today I thank Jesus for choosing you for us.  For blessing us with the privilege of not only giving you life, but sharing that life with you as parents and, now, as the dearest of friends.

Happy, happy  birthday, precious girl.  We could not be prouder or lover you more.

Until tomorrow 🙂



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