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Love Melts

(For any of us who have felt the chilling effects of pain on our hearts.  There is a warmth that cuts through and melts the ice that has formed that hard spot.)

Icicles melt with the warmth of Your heart

I can feel the sharp edges disappear from each part…

Those places where coldness invaded my soul

Subtle cooling turned freezing and ice was the toll

Chilled bricks first so tiny, somehow built a wall

Cold to the touch, impenetrable


Once ice was just water, flowing and free

Till the ice box of pain trapped the water in me

The temperature plunged in that one tiny pocket

Shivering, longing for Someone to unlock it

Ice picks of guilt tried to cut through the cold

Shame took a stab, while grief grabbed ahold

But ice begets ice and pain soothes no pain

And icicles formed out of what was once rain


The Son shined its rays on that cold place in me

Love opened the icebox with its unfailing key

The ice was no match for the warmth of the Son

The freezing was over, the melt had begun

Ice turned to water, now water flows free

Through the hands of the Son, whose love rescued me…




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