It All ADDs Up….


If you are reading this on Facebook, then you probably saw my comment about going to the doctor this afternoon regarding questions about adult ADD.

Thanks to all of you who through phone calls and private messages have offered your wisdom and experience in this area.  Your graciousness in taking the time to show your concern means so much and I value the opinions of those who know so much more about this topic than I do.

I have always joked about my having ADD (and am certain I have some level of it) but in the past couple of months it has seemed to become intrusive and making me “not feel like me”.

That being said, I went to the doctor today.  I talked with her about my concerns and the increase in my anxiety symptoms, wondering if there was a correlation between the two.

After running some blood work on me, I just got a call from the nurse, saying that my potassium levels are way too low.  Now, if you’re like me, that truly sounds like no big deal.  Except that it really is.

Hyopkalemia is what they call it.  And it’s a side effect of the blood pressure medication I take, a diuretic that wipes out the supply of potassium in the body.  Pair this with the fact that I drink primarily only gallons of water a day and you get a body depleted of the potassium needed for nerve and muscle function.  Potassium is what keeps the kidneys filtering and the heart beating.  Literally. If it gets too low, well, everything will literally stop working.  And that’s not good.

So I guess it’s a little more important than I thought.

And it would explain so many of the symptoms that I was attributing to anxiety and ADD – chest pain, dizziness, muscle twitching, palpitations, fogginess in my thinking.

My body, my heart, my mind has been starving for it’s potassium.  I’ve already been on a dose of one ginormous pill about three days a week (is what my Dr. had prescribed).  But now it’s two ginormous pills EVERY day.

So there’s a good chance I do still have some ADD tendencies and will probably always need a little help with my anxiety, but I was thankful to find that this obvious increase in symptoms had at least one source that we can address right now.

This was one of my little brave steps in my 90 day journey today.  To swallow my pride and go after some answers for my physical and mental health.

I’ve been so focused on healing my inner heart.  But today I had to do a little something for my physical one.

Thanks for your prayers and sweet support.




6 thoughts on “It All ADDs Up….

  1. So very proud of you and so very blessed to call you friend!

  2. Bananas are a great natural source of potassium!! I eat a few everyday. Plus there’s lots of other great vitamins in them. Check them out on line.

  3. Potatoes also have potassium. You might like a book I recently read, Grain Brain. It’s by a neurologist, and he links ADHD, joint pain, an a host of other stuff to our diets.

  4. You are too welcome and Praises to God that help is in process/you went to seek help! Love you!

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