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Here’s a thought…

God knows more than we do.

It’s so obvious that to write it out seems laughable.

Here’s another thought….

God loves more than we do.

Again, thank you, Mrs. Obvious.

The thoughts just keep coming….

God has a better plan than we do.


God is always present.

God is always working.

God will never abandon us.

Or how about….

God knows me inside and out.

These aren’t new thoughts to most of us.  Many of us grew up knowing these things.  Some of us even studied these concepts.  Even those that don’t proclaim faith are familiar with these beliefs.

But do we really believe with more than the portion of our brains that have memorized the verses that beautifully depict these truths?

We are quick to quote, but have these things become so much a part of us that they trigger an automatic response of trust?

I can only speak for myself, but the answer, to be painfully honest, is no.

Because my initial reactions are too often fear based.

As if all the things I’ve known and experienced all my life suddenly evaporate into thin air when things don’t go as I’d thought they would.

As if God suddenly disappeared, or fell asleep or missed something in my life.

As if He stopped loving me, lost His plan or His marbles.

As if the madness of the world  was not still in the pa;m of His very capable hands, very omnipotent hands.

I’m here to say that our thinking can change.  Our responses to circumstances and difficulties and surprises can twist and turn into something that looks a lot more like childlike trust.  We CAN begin to truly believe from our souls out that God is and does all that He says.

If you knew how deeply imbedded fear has been in my life in the past, you would not believe the miracle that has happened as a result of seeing these truths play out, as if for the first time.

The past ninety days of introspection and deep healing with Jesus have been absolutely life changing.  It has changed my outlook, my perspective, my mind, heart, soul and even body.

The continual pit in my stomach has vanished and been replaced with the deepest sense of peace in my heart.

It’s possible, friend.  It’s available.  It’s a miracle that any of us can experience if we’re willing to wrestle with the obstacles in ourselves that are standing in the way. If we’re willing to let go of the fear and everything associated with it and grab hold of something that stands true not only for all time but for all eternity.

Let go and lean in.

The obvious of the mind becomes obvious to the heart and obvious in our lives.

And, obviously, that is a good thing. 🙂



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