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Can I Have A Word?

It’s just a word.

Until it really isn’t.

When that simple word begins to permeate the way you think, how you look at things and the circumstances that introduce themselves into your world.

Each January, I ask God for a word that I can take with me for the rest of the year. Sounds easy enough, until you realize that when He gives it it’s because He knows what the year ahead will hold and what He wants to do in you if you allow it.

My words, at first glance, don’t seem very spiritual.

In 2013 the word was SAVOR.

In 2014 it was COLLIDE.

But as those years unfolded, it was obvious that it was no mistake that God had chosen those words for me.  They marked every event, every dilemma, every heartache and joy.  They gave meaning to what was happening in and around me because they pointed my mind and heart back to the One who graced me with them.

This January the word is CHANGE.  The thrilling part is that I have no idea what that means for this year.  The frightening part is that I have no idea what that means for this year. 🙂

True to form, God has already given me glimpses.  Potential external changes, imminent internal changes. As always, it will be challenging if I take it to heart. And if the past two years are any indication, I will be a little bit older but also a little bit wiser because of it. Lord knows there is plenty of material to work with in the CHANGE department. 🙂

God has always used words to make things happen.  It started at creation – God said…and it was.  He used them as declarations and promises throughout the Old Testament. When God gave a word, things happened and people were changed and affected.

Then came Jesus – the Word of God.  God communicating His love to us in the clearest of ways.  The Word that was God’s love language toward us.  The Word that changed everything and everyone who knew Him.  The most powerful, universal Word ever spoken.


They hold meaning.  They can have an effect beyond their combined letters or pronunciation.  Simple, but profound.

It’s January. Ask for a word and then watch what happens….

 John 1:14 – So the Word became human and made his home among us.

Psalm 33:6 & 9 – By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth…For he spoke and it came to be, he commanded and it stood firm.

Genesis 1 – And God said…   `


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