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Less Is More….And Less

My word for this year is change and already, just 11 days into 2015, it is already manifesting.  Inside and out, things are happening, clarity is beginning and steps are being taken in areas I have been too afraid to venture into before.

Two things that I see have helped allow this movement forward are simplicity in all areas and deliberate action. It sounds so obvious, but the combination of these two things is powerful. When you eliminate all unnecessary factors, (again, in all areas) you are able to focus on the vital, and can then make deliberate moves in one direction.

To most of you, I’m sure this sounds like declaring that the world is round – true, but basic and obvious information.  For me, it has been a liberating aha moment that has changed everything.

Less actually IS more. Less stuff means more time, more energy, more focus, more forward motion.  But less also IS less. Less stuff means less stress, less anxiety, less frustration, less wasted resources, both internal and external.

And it feels like breathing new air.

All my life I have tried to do it all, excel at it all, please them all. But “all” runs very thin at some point and left me both exhausted and deeply disappointed.  All of me was not enough for all of “it”.

I was constantly moving, but in many ways wasn’t going anywhere, wasn’t pushing my way out of the cocoon of safety wrapped around my fearful heart.

But, as I’ve said in earlier posts, fear is an enemy that Jesus and I have left battered and bloody this past year. So the fear based cocoon is unravelling, leaving this newborn heart on the doorstep of opportunity. Of change.

Details will emerge as they become reality.  (Leftover fear shadows prevent me from giving specific information that is not fully in place.)

Are you spinning wheels in the mud of unnecessary stuff? Simplify.  Are you struggling with direction and forward movement?  Simplify.  Do you want to breathe more deeply and laugh more often? Simplify.  Do you want more time for you and others? Simplify.

It allows our eyes, our ears, our hearts to be open and available to God’s direction and prompting without distraction. It puts us in a position to be intentional.

From here, it’s just one baby step after another….:-)


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