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The New Math

Your giftings + your passions – unnecessary fillers = your focused calling.

If you can fill in this equation, life clutter can be diminished and your vision can be clearer.

Wish I had figured this out long ago.  It would have eliminated a lot of confusion and misspent time and energy. But the process of finally having that lightbulb moment in my heart and mind has been a long one. As if the dimmer switch was slowly rising and the light has finally shone at full capacity

I am discovering that trying to do it all has been a contributing factor to my anxiety and fear levels. It’s bulked up my ADD tendencies. I can’t get it all done and I can’t do it all well.

People pleasing only adds to that tangled web of madness. The inability to say no expands the murky pond of “must do’s” and the hamster just keeps racing on his little wheel of frustration.

My greatest hurdle in moving forward in a clear and concise way was the fear of being selfish, of burrowing into a cave of self-focus.  But nothing could be further from the truth. Because as we clear the fog of “too much” in our lives, our eyes begin to see others and opportunities in new ways.  More of us is free to invest and give within the healthy boundaries of our clarity. We see how our gifts and passions can be used by God from a place of pure love and not guilty obligation.

I know that this new freedom has a learning curve. I will fail here and there by adding too many factors into the equation. I will feel my focus shift. But that’s okay because I am learning that added things can be subtracted and balance can be restored.

I have learned the new math….


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