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I Don’t Know…A LOT!!!!

My new friend, Laura, got to see me in a less than complimentary state today.  My oh-my-gosh-I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about face made a grand appearance and lasted for a solid two hours.

The list of things I actually know about professional blogging and the capabilities of social media within that context didn’t even register on the meter of expertise.

But don’t let this lack of knowledge on my part lead you to believe that I’m discouraged.  I am almost as excited as the day I found out that M&M peanuts can be purchased in a five pound bag!  This much lack can only be met with just as much possibility!

Laura, whom I just met today, is so incredibly versed in freeing people to explore what it is that God is calling them to based on their talents, their passions and their experiences.  To break loose from the paralysis of fear and confidently step forward in faith toward the emerging potential of all that God has in store.

For me, it’s taking something that has long been a hobby and reshaping it to give it stronger legs, further reaching arms.  It will require me to look at outside factors, to do my due diligence in investigation into this unfamiliar world of all the social media options that can serve as communication tools.  I will look at statistics, find better ways to communicate more effectively and intimately with my readers via these methods.

Each week I will be given a “to-do” list in this process of becoming more tech savvy and thereby take my “talent” and contribute to its multiplication as Jesus talks about in Matthew 25.  It’s not about promoting me or my name.  It’s about taking what He’s given me and being a diligent steward with the responsibility of the gift.  It’s about promoting Him and His name.

I don’t know how all these changes will look or how long it will take.  But I can tell you that I’m thrilled to be pushing my brain beyond its normal every day limits and inviting change into something that has become like a right arm to my life and routine. I don’t know exactly where we’ll end up, but I’m excited about the journey ahead!

And bonus, I have a new, really smart and really funny friend who is patient beyond understanding and for some strange reason is almost as excited as I am.

I write this, not because it’s breaking news or will change the world, but because it will change me. When I write, I sense you here with me and I hope that along the way, it will encourage you, too, to find a new challenge, to accept an invitation to the yet unknown.  To embrace all that God has given you and take it to new heights.

Let’s be different people by January 14 of 2016 because we risked trusting Jesus to do something big with our little!!!!


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