This New Day’s Prayer

delicate dandelion

Before the day takes on its shape

And molds me to its own

Before these dandelion thoughts

By busyness are blown

Before the sunshine calls my name

And beckons me to dance

Before sweet time births its to-do’s

Through life and happenstance

I will sit

I will wait

I will listen and will hear

The beauty of that “still small voice”

That whispers in my ear

My Guide will guide, my Teacher teach

My Father hold me close

My Comforter will comfort me

My Healer diagnose

I know of time

It won’t stand still

But as for me

I can, I will

So speak, Dear Jesus

I am here

Captivate my mind,

My ear

Sing the songs You have for me

Teach me the words, the tune, the beat

Read Your stories, cite Your prose

And I will listen, lean in close

Impress Your thoughts upon my heart

Each deep and rich and lovely part

Then send me on to face this day

Your truth, my truth

Your way, my way

Unfold my hands, unleash my words

Use my life so You are heard

Until tomorrow brings its day

Where once again this prayer I’ll pray….


3 thoughts on “This New Day’s Prayer

  1. I LOVE(!) this, Jana.

  2. Hi Jana,
    I was looking at recipes this morning and ran across one of your amazing recipes! 😊
    I happened to see a title that interested me, “An Unrehearsed Life”. I very much enjoyed reading it! Of course, I continued to your menu and other areas of your blog. You are an inspiration to many! God is using you to show others His Love and Kindness!πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much! I will continue to come back to read more! Oh yeah, I really loved the words of your songs! Fantastic!πŸ˜ƒ I would love to hear the music that goes with them. My husband and I have been on many Worship Team’s in the past 25+ years. We were also a part of a Worship band “Worship 24/7”. We traveled to many churches to help teach what real “WORSHIP” is all about! We also played for a couple pregnancy center’s and cancer survivor’s “Walk for Life” celebrations! The Lord has been so good to allow us to share our passion for worship with others! As well as, being able to serve Him together in the same ministry! He is always so good and faithful!!! πŸ˜‡ I will be back! Thanks again!

    • Teresa, you are so kind. You have no idea how beautiful the timing of your comment was in my life. A true gift from God during an immense time of discouragement. Bless your little soul and thank you for being God’s whisper in my weary ear. 😘 — Jana

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