Welcome To We-Do Wednesday!!!!

Okay, people.  Gonna shake things up a bit here.

Wow.  That was a huge overstatement.

Let’s try again.

I’m going to do something new on Wednesdays.

My heart is all about restoration and making the old new.  First and foremost this applies spiritually.

But a distant second is my love for physically changing old things and making them “new” again.

So We-Do Wednesday (get it? re-do/we-do? I know.  I’m so clever…;-) ) is happening.

Notice that it’s not I-Do Wednesday.  Partly, because it doesn’t start with a “W”, heh heh, but mostly because I would love for this to be a day where I hear from YOU via email, text or right here on the blog.  I want to see YOUR ideas, your We-Do Re-Do’s.  It can be a room, a piece of furniture, a small decor item or something you’ve completely repurposed.

I would love see what you’ve done and so would others! 

To those of you who say, “I’m not creative, count me out,”  I say, let’s tap into something you might not even know is there!  And if you’re still not interested, then we’ll see you on Thursday. 🙂

I would love for Wednesdays to be interactive – a sharing and learning with each other.  Encouragement for all of us to take a risk and try something new on something old!

To get things started, I’ll go first.

I’ve posted pictures on Facebook of my recently redone kitchen.  That makeover from dark to light inspired me to keep it going throughout the house.

So I just completed our front room.

It went from looking like this:

photo 1-6

To this:

photo 2-5I

photo 1-5I

I loved the room as it was before, but it was, admittedly, dark.  I repainted the walls, with my accent wall as the highlight and then brought in lighter furniture pieces and area rug.  Splashes of apple green in the pillows and decor bring another dimension to the aqua walls and help to make it not only restful, but refreshing.

I searched high and low for the cream colored couch and green chair, not wanting to spend a fortune, but knowing the look I wanted.  In the process, I’ve discovered two amazing consignment furniture stores that carry high end pieces for pennies on the dollar. I was able to purchase both the couch and the chair for around $600.00 and they are not only deep seated, but extremely comfy and durable.

The canvases of my laughing children were done through Costco (very affordable!) and came directly to my front door.

My style is shifting slightly (I’m a girl, I get to do that) and I’m replacing some of my antique pieces with mid-century modern and I’m liking the old and new mix.  Clean lines with old charm.  A balance I am still figuring out.  This, also, helps in the “lightening up” process.

What do you think?

Send me some of YOUR Re-Do We-Do’s!  Creativity loves company and the cross-pollination of ideas can add to all of our minds’ stash of good ideas.

Join the fun!


2 thoughts on “Welcome To We-Do Wednesday!!!!

  1. Hi Jana,
    How timely that you would make this suggestion on this day in particular! Let me explain. Today I took a day off and just went in and out of shops that house antiques, shabby-chic things and other collectibles and I thought of YOU as I did! So, I want to let you know about some “new” paint a particular vendor uses with great success: it’s call Milk Paint and having seen all the colors and how smooth the finish is, I am dying to try some on something I have. She says it goes on so much nicer than chalkboard paint and you don’t have to wax seal it like with chalkboard paint. The colors are gorgeous and smooth. She also uses this particular company’s gel stains and glazes. Here’s the company name: General Finishes.com Go check them out. Look for their milk paint and go have fun. Let us all know what you end up doing with it.

    • Thanks for the info! I have heard of it but not used it. Let’s both try it and I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Hehe

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