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A Very Short Love Story

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If you’ve known me for any more than two minutes, you know that I have a thing for cabins.

There is just something about them that woos my heart and mind into a state of cozy relaxation. A sense that I am safe and far away from the rushing world around me.

They represent simplicity, a slower pace of life where any seed of creativity can sprout and grow.

A haven for solitude and a gathering place for loved ones.

A precious residence for old memories and new. 

I have no shame in admitting that I spend an indecent amount of time dreaming about having one. 

So far, that’s all it is.  A dream.

But once in a while something comes along that gives me a little taste of “what if”….

Like yesterday.

I’m staging for a property right now that has a separate “guest house”.

But “guest house” is too formal a name for the quaint little residence.  With its pine walls, rustic charm and country kitchen, it needed something a little more intimate.

So I dubbed it the Cottage Cabin.

I swear I saw the front door smile when it heard its new name,

It seemed to be relieved of the pressure to live up to the expectations and formality of  the term “guest house”.

Like it could suddenly breathe deeply and just be exactly what it was meant to be.

 A Cottage Cabin.


But this little residence was naked, so it was my job to “dress it up”.  Bring in some life and color and magic.

It seemed grateful for my visit and the opportunity for a “makeover”.

We were going to get along just fine. 🙂

It welcomed each piece of furniture like a long lost friend.  “Sit here!”

Every picture hung on its naked walls and every accessory placed was met with a sense of So glad you came!”

The time passed quickly as this little place graciously accepted every gift of decor I gave it.

My work felt like play and the little Cottage Cabin enjoyed every moment of its “spa day”.

photo 2-14

And that’s when it happened.

At the end of the day, after the sweat of hard work and the familiar burn of fatigued muscles from working with this precious gem, I realized something.

I had fallen in love.

I was fully infatuated with everything this cottage cabin was and everything it stood for.

I wanted to sit down on the newly placed couch against that beautiful pine wall and never get back up.

I wanted to stay and enjoy the comfort of this newfound friend.

For just one day, I had “my cabin”.

And it felt really, really good.


But all sweet dreams must come to an end and today is a new day.

Today I will go back to this property and work on the cabin’s big sister.  A hundred-year-old barn that has been converted into a living space where music and laughter and playing happens.

Me and barns?  Don’t get me started….:-)

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be another sweet day….


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