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Sitting In Time Out


Oh, how I’ve missed You!

Or, rather, I’ve missed quiet mornings like this with You.  I’ve so needed a Time Out.

You.  Me.  Coffee.  A Good Book.  Your Good Book.

Not that You haven’t been right here with me all along.  Through the insanity and frenetic pace of these past few weeks, chock full of life happenings and necessary obligations.

– You’ve whispered your love in my ear in the middle of the crazy.

– You’ve used every opportunity to teach this stubborn soul life lessons that help me think a little more like You.

– You’ve provided the strength these past weeks have required, the clarity needed when my mind was so foggy with the chaos of details.

– You’ve reminded me that You are still very much in the business of miracles, with Your ability to extend my time beyond its normal limits and my resources beyond their capacity.

– You’ve extended grace when I knew I couldn’t do one more thing by telling me again that I can do hard things because You are doing it with me.

– You’ve dropped little petals of beauty and promise along this weeks-long path, that have shown up best in the rocky spots.

– And You’ve patiently waited for me to come and sit with You.


Just You and me and coffee and a Good Book.

I’m here now.

The place where I feel most me and where I best see You for You.

Where my best hearing happens.

Our huddle of Friendship.  Father-Daughter time.

Leaning in before I lunge ahead.

Thank You for this much needed quiet morning.  This Time Out.

Thank You for being right here.

Psalm 46:10 –  Be still, and know that I am God….


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