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If You’re Alive, You’ve Got One (a look into the core of our being – part 3)


child looking out windowThere you are in your car, driving, listening to your favorite CD and singing along.  But there’s that one song.  As it plays, it brings with it that familiar lump in your throat, that tear in your eye.

It touches a place inside you that none of the others could reach.

You’re at the movie theater.  The popcorn is a little too buttery and your red vines are stale, but it doesn’t matter.  The storyline has grabbed you and pulled you in.  It tugs every heart string and reminds of you of when….

You find yourself laughing out loud one minute and reaching for your Kleenex the next.

You get together with a friend for coffee.  It may be an old friend, it may be a new one.  The conversation starts out light but you can see in her eyes that there is more.  Over lattes and scones, lives are intertwined through deep conversations and mutual experiences.

You are reminded again or discovering for the first time that these types of friendships are few and far between.

You are sitting on a bus looking out the window.  You are lost in thought.  Your mind wanders to dreams yet unfulfilled, and purpose not yet attained.  To aches that have left you with a hunger and thirst for more than you’ve experienced so far.

What that looks like, you’re not even sure.

In each of these scenarios, we experience the reality of our souls.  We find out what triggers its joy, its sorrow, its passions and longings.

It can be a sight, a smell, an experience or  memory that goes to that place in us that we can’t see or explain.

That depth that makes us human.

But no matter what touches or impacts our souls, there is only one thing that can eternally satisfy it.

That inexplicable part of us wants more than anything else in this world to experience sacred connection with its Creator.

It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

Genesis 2:7 – And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

When God breathed into Adam’s nostrils, Adam BECAME A LIVING SOUL.

Prior to that, he was just a body and an inactive mind.  A picture of the absence of life. A beautiful, but incomplete creation.

The soul came to life through  God’s own breath.  This creature that He had made in His image, now carried God’s air in his soul.

He was alive for the first time.  He was immediately connected to God and experienced a completely intimate relationship with his Creator.

 His soul was pure and healthy and unmarred and full of nothing but God Himself.

Too quickly, the mind and body of mankind made a choice that left the soul black, wounded and wandering lost in a now broken world, and we are left with the consequence of souls aching for God’s air in their collapsing lungs.

If we are still breathing, we all have a soul.

Some of our souls are broken and bleeding.  Some are black and blue from abuse.  Some have shriveled from starvation and neglect.  Some are numbed by choices made.

But they are still there.

Still revivable by a fresh new breath from God.

 As long as we are alive, these souls will cry out for attention and health.  If they need to, they will scream in us to turn to The One who is pursuing them to give them new life.

A second breath.

A second chance.

The soul will use our bodies and minds, whatever it takes, to get us to look inward and listen to their cries for help.


For me, it’s that pit in the stomach.  That intruding thought.  That senseless anxiety. A restless discontentedness. Boredom. Unexplained sadness.

Something is wrong inside, out of balance, starving, fatigued.  

Somehow I have convinced myself too many times that I can survive and thrive on possibly good, but cheap and disappointing versions of God.

And every single time, those things will and do fail me. 

All  of my mental and physical symptoms are reminders that my soul is in need of its keeper’s attention (me) and its keeper’s Keeper’s presence, healing and life (God).

So when you feel those longings you can’t explain, when you literally feel “deep calling to deep” from the center of your being,

recognize it for what it is.  

It is the soul that is aching for what it was created for. WHO it was created for.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 – He has put eternity into man’s heart…

It is crying out to be His resting place, to once again have that deep, intimate connection that it was meant to have since the beginning of time.

The soul is crafted to settle for nothing less than an attachment to eternity.

Psalm 84:2 – My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

How is that possible and what does that look like?

Let’s talk about that next time.  

 – In preparation for that, listen closely to your soul today.  Pay attention to its longings, to the things that have left it dissatisfied.

– Recognize the reality of its presence and the sacred purpose it holds.

– Consider what might happen if it knew complete connection and satisfaction with its Creator.

– Imagine the peace, the rest that would come to a soul that is filled to the brim with the mystery  and promise of eternity.







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